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A Home Loan Deposit Loan from one of our lenders is the quick and easy way to obtain finance for a Home Loan Deposit Loan.

This unique product is NEW and only available to borrowers who have a stable income and a good credit history, the immediate access to up to $30,000 that can be used towards the purchase of their home/land.

The Home Loan Deposit Loan allows home buyers to use their own money for their expenses, allowing the Home Loan deposit Loan to fund the deposit or shortfall that is required. Alternatively, if a home mortgage is just over the 80% threshold and you need a few thousand to avoid having to pay mortgage insurance, we simply arrange to use a home deposit loan for the difference to save you money.
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A Personal loan from one of our lenders is a quick and easy way to obtain finance. Whether you're in the market for a well-earned holiday, or you're just looking for help to tie up those loose ends, Loan-Me would like to assist. Some of the purposes our lenders will loan money for include:

Wedding expenses
Home renovations
Education expenses
Llifestyle changes
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A Non-Conforming loan from one of our lenders is another quick and easy way to obtain finance. Loan-Me has access to a greater variety of non-conforming loan products from a wide range of Australian lenders. Loan-Me will assess your situation so we can find the best loan product suited to you. Are you in need of a :

Line of Credit Loan
Credit Impaired Loan
Low Doc P.A.Y.G loan
No Doc. Private Loan
Low Doc Self Employed Loan
Clean Credit Non-Conforming Loan
Short-Term Self-Employed Loan
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A Debt Consolidation loan can combine your many numerous unsecured debts into one single debt with one payment, one lender and one interest rate. If your tired of dealing with multiple lenders and creditors, doing a juggling act - trying to manage all your debts - with multiple payments and fluctuating interests rates, then debt consolidation could well work for you. Do you have all or any of these :

Credit cards
Store cards
Personal loans
Medical bills
Car loans
Utility bills
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A Refinance loan can allow you to use the existing equity available in your property to repay other high interest debts. Another benefit of a refinance loan is that you may be able to combine all your other current debts into your mortgage. This may also be able to assist you with :

Eliminating arrears.
Reduced interest rates.
Paying off you mortgage faster.
Chance to borrow more money.
Clearing your existing mortgage.
Combining other existing debts into your mortgage.
Link to car loan page A Car Loan can be obtaied from many of our lenders.

All different type of Car Loans are available . A Car loan to suit all types of cars.

Do you require a car loan for personal use or a car for business purposes ?

We even have some lenders who offer Unsecured Car Loans / Bike loans or even a Boat Loan.

Let Loan-me compare car loan rates across all of Australia with some of the major banks and private lenders.

Pay off mortgage early and Reduce Mortgage Payments using our mortgage reduction program with free mortgage information: on mortgage elimination to pay off mortgage quicker save years & tens of $1000's
Imagine $50,000 in your pocket instead of the Mortgage Companys !

Now there's an easy way for you to own your home in just a few years ... rather than 20, or 30 years in the future.

It's called The Loan Me Mortgage Reduction Plan.

It speeds up the rate you pay off your mortgage so you save
...$40,000?$50,000?even $60,000 or more in interest payments.
And you do it all without an increase in your monthly payment or any change in your lifestyle.
Our unique & proven trademarked mortgage reduction software can REDUCE your MORTGAGE with a low interest loan .
This reducing mortgage is individually designed & tailored for you!

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